Facing Cancer Together was a multi-year, multimedia community education initiative of witf Public Media  with the goal of connecting the stories and lives of people touched by cancer. The series was designed to inspire and guide honest conversations about the many aspects of cancer, including treatment options, cancer research, survivor and caregiver concerns, and healthy lifestyle choices for cancer prevention.

Read a feature on FCT by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

FCTLogoThumbMy role as Interactive Producer for the series included:

  • Designed interactive experiences and utilized online tools, including social media and the Public Insight Network, to engage community
  • Managed branding, communications and marketing for the series
  • Produced original multimedia content for TV, radio, and web, and wrote articles for Central PA Magazine 
  • Curated personal and expert blogs and user-generated content about cancer treatment, research & prevention
  • Produced the Digital Quilt, a unique microsite of user-generated content from the community about the cancer journey

The Facing Cancer Together series received a 2012 Emmy Award for excellence in journalism. 

Below are some images from the website.

Facing Cancer Together Home Page:


Research & Clinical Trials web page:


The Digital Quilt is a unique microsite, designed to help those who are facing cancer in there lives share their story through images, text, video and audio. The stories piece together a powerful narrative about the cancer journey.

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Watch a video about the Quilt below:

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Facing Cancer Together

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