gettingcoveredthumbGetting Covered is an interactive microsite that is part of witf Public Media’s Transforming Health initiative. This guide launched just before the Health Insurance Marketplace opened to consumers for the first time on October 1st 2013.

The guide was designed to help those who are seeking health coverage make informed choices about their health coverage by presenting useful information about enrollment dates, health coverage options and costs, and how to navigate the new Marketplace. But, it also covers what happens after enrolling in a plan, like how to make a doctor’s appointment, and make the most of health benefits for prevention and wellness.

This guide is unique in that it can be tailored to specific demographics, budgets, and health needs.  Videos, expert tips, and user-generated content also provide personal insight into how the Affordable Care Act impacts people directly.

Transforming Health received a 2014 Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Website.

My role:

  • Designed the “Getting Covered” guide
  • Researched and wrote all content for the guide
  • Created graphics for guide; selected photography
  • Created original video pieces for guide
  • Curated user-generatd content and expert content for guide

View some screens form “Getting Covered” below.

Getting Covered Home Page:


Assessing Your Options section of the tool:


Video promo for “Getting Covered:”

Getting Covered Website

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