Green Hope Farm is a flower farm in New Hampshire that specializes in organically-produced Flower Essences, natural tools that promote health & wellness. I worked closely with owner, Molly Sheehan, to create a brand new website, focused on helping the customer navigate the wide array of products and their unique healing benefits.

GHFBrandThe new site focuses heavily on creating a visual experience for the user:

  • Hand-painted watercolors express the organic nature of the business, and the layered beauty and variety of flowers used to create the products
  • Photography helps users navigate the products and understand the behind-the-scenes of the business itself

My role on this website project:

Below are some stills from the new website.

Green Hope Farm Home Page:


Green Hope Farm ‘Essence Finder’ (this tool features a set of filters to help the user navigate and explore the large variety of Flower Essence products available to order). Below is a page of Flower Essences especially for animals:


Below is a sample of what the individual Flower Essence description looks like when someone clicks on a specific Essence thumbnail in the Finder:



Green Hope Farm Website

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