“Left Behind Without a Choice” is a feature-length documentary that highlights animal rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina left a wake of devastation in her path on August 29, 2005.

Left-Behind-CoverThe movie takes a look at the complex and challenging rescue efforts, including searching flooded streets and abandoned homes for pets, the dangerous rehabilitation of some pets that had been used for illegal dog-fighting, and the legal challenges that rescuers faced in New Orleans.

But, it’s ultimately a story of hope, highlighting miraculous rescues, transformations and even reunions.

The movie premiered on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to a sold-out theater. And, even animals that were rescued from the disaster were invited to attend, and walked the red carpet into the theater.

The film is a collaborative effort of Minneapolis-based filmmakers, cast and musicians. I worked alongside director Kim Walsh-Borgan to craft the narrative in the editing suite. And, it features original music from Marc Perlman (The Jayhawks) and Jessy Greene (tours with The Foo Fighters).


The film features the staff of Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society.

 “Best Use of Sound & Music” Get Reel in Moab Film Festival (2009)

“Inspiring and poignant documentary. It will attract interest from animal lovers of all ages as well as general viewers.”
—Donald Altschiller, BostonUniviversity


Left Behind Without a Choice

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